Short sides and back that contrast with a longer top define the undercut, a daring and adaptable hairstyle. It offers a range of styling possibilities, from a professional, slicked-back appearance to a textured, laid-back look. The stark difference in lengths produces a noticeable and arresting impact.

Undercut Hairstyle Variation

Biggest benefit of Undercut Hairstyle

Versatility and Statement-Making Style

The undercut’s distinctive versatility is its main advantage. It can accommodate a range of aesthetics, from sophisticated to rugged, thanks to its short sides and longer top. This contrast produces an eye-catching appearance, making it a daring and adaptable choice.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


An undercut looks good on oval faces since it balances out the facial symmetry.


An undercut lengthens the impression of a round face by adding height.


The contrast of the undercut mellows square faces while introducing angles and balance.


The upper volume of an undercut balances length and creates a proportionate appearance.


The undercut’s side volume shortens the face’s length for balanced appearance.


The top texture of the Undercut minimizes broader cheekbones and works well with diamond faces.


Undercut balances triangle faces by reducing width and increasing volume at the top.