Undercut Pompadour

The undercut pompadour is a traditional and daring men’s hairstyle that blends a voluminous top with a short, shaved undercut on the sides and back. Recent years have seen a revival of this aesthetic, which offers a sophisticated and assured appearance with a hint of retro charm.

Undercut Pompadour Hairstyle Variation

The Undercut Pompadour’s main advantage

Traditional Grace with a Modern Edge

The undercut pompadour’s timeless beauty with a modern twist is its main advantage. It offers a classic and adaptable style that is appropriate for both professional and informal settings thanks to its blend of a perfectly trimmed undercut and a smooth, voluminous top.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The undercut pompadour enhances oval faces by preserving balanced proportions and giving their features more depth and structure.


By adding height and a sleek top, this shape may lend angles and definition to round features, giving them a more extended and structured appearance.


Undercut pompadours highlight square features by keeping sharp angles and lines in the undercut and projecting a forceful, self-assured character.


The undercut pompadour’s voluminous top may balance out the length on long faces, giving them a more fashionable and proportionate appearance.


This design creates visual contrast for rectangle or oblong faces by adding a sleek, voluminous top that breaks up the length, creating a balanced and contemporary look.


The undercut pompadour’s structural lines and volume enhance cheekbones and the main features of diamond faces while adding a touch of vintage charm.


Undercut pompadour hairstyles provide harmony and self-assurance in triangle faces by adding height and structure to the top while reducing breadth at the forehead.

Why has it lost some of its appeal over time?

Changes in design trends and a preference for less-fussy, more practical haircuts can be blamed for the undercut pompadour’s declining popularity among males. Many guys have changed their styles throughout time to become more uncomplicated and natural-looking, which requires less styling and maintenance. An additional factor in the pompadour’s declining popularity is that, although being fashionable, it may also be viewed as formal and less appropriate for everyday wear.