Type 4c Hair

Type 4c hair, in its natural state, exhibits minimal defined curls and boasts tight coils. Often characterized by a delicate and fragile texture, it requires meticulous care and maintenance.

Perfect Hairstyles for type 4c Hair

If you’re a male with 4c hair, which is characterized by densely packed, tightly coiling curls with a zigzag pattern, and you want to pick a haircut that enhances your curly hair while encouraging healthy curls, have a look at these options:

Sculpted artistic design

piece with a talented barber who can sculpt beautiful patterns into your hair so that you may embrace your 4c curls as a piece of art. This enables you to make a daring fashion statement while showcasing your own hair texture.

Natural Crown

Grow your hair into a beautiful, regal crown to highlight the innate beauty of your 4c curls. Keep it moisturized and shaped frequently to preserve its distinctive character.

Braided Top Knot

Make a statement with a braided top knot or man bun with your 4c curls. This not only brings attention to your curls but also gives your look a touch of refinement.

Curly High Top Fade

For a contemporary and fashionable style, pair your 4C curls with a high top fade. The contrast between the short sides and the top curls is striking.

Defined Zig-Zag Curls

Your 4C curls’ distinctive zig-zag pattern will be highlighted by your defined style. To highlight the texture and coiled structure, use curl-enhancing products.

Undercut with a curly side part

For a chic and modern look, side split your 4c curls and add an undercut. This evens out the volume and highlights the curls on top.

Medium-Length Mane

Grow your 4C curls to a medium length while keeping the density and structure of your natural hair. To maintain your curls defined and healthy, use specific products.

To keep your 4c hair healthy, do the following

Use hair care products designed for curly and coiled hair to increase moisture and enhance curl definition.

To avoid damage, carefully detangle your hair while it is still damp.

Maintain the definition and moisture of your curls by using leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing products.

When blow-drying your curls, utilize diffusers and refrain from using too much heat.

A Must Read

You can benefit from getting customized advice and recommendations from a hairstylist who specializes in curly and coiled hair based on the unique characteristics of your hair and your own fashion tastes.