Type 4b Hair

Hair with no discernible curl pattern that is tightly coiled. It has a thick, voluminous texture and a more zigzag appearance.

Perfect Hairstyles for type 4b Hair

Consider these possibilities if you are a male with 4b hair, which is distinguished by tightly coiled and densely packed curls, and wish to select a haircut that enhances your curly hair while encouraging healthy and distinct curls:

Tightly looped Afro cut

For a traditional afro haircut, keep your 4b curls well-rounded and well-shaped. Your curls will look full and lovely in this style.


Twist or braid parts of your hair, then untwist them to create a twist-out or braid-out style. This highlights your curls and gives your hair texture.

Curly Tapered Haircut

Choose a curly tapered haircut that keeps your curls’ volume and definition while keeping the sides and back nicely trimmed.

Curly Frohawk

Shave the sides of your 4b curls and leave a strip of clearly defined curls on top to create a curly frohawk. It’s a daring and stylish decision.

Short and Natural

Adopt a short haircut that emphasizes the coiled pattern of your natural 4b curls. This choice is time-tested and low-maintenance.

Curls with a Specified Part

For a polished and structured appearance, part your curls on the side or in the centre. Your hairdo may gain volume and form as a result.

Curls of Average Length

Grow your 4B curls to an average length to highlight their beauty and adaptability. Curl-enhancing creams might help you define your curls more.

In order to keep 4b hair in good condition

To add moisture and improve curl definition, use products made for curly and coiled hair.

To avoid damage, carefully detangle damp hair.

Use leave-in conditioner or curl-enhancing products to keep your curls healthy and defined.

Avoid styling with excessive heat and use diffusers while blow-drying to preserve the structure of your curls.

A Must Read

A hairstylist that specializes in curly and coiled hair may provide you personalized recommendations and advice based on the unique characteristics of your hair and your desired looks.