Type 2b Hair

Compared to Type 2A, Type 2b hair has a more clearly defined waves, a prominent S-shaped pattern, and a little more volume.

Perfect Hairstyles for type 2b Hair

If you’re a male with 2b hair (wavy with a distinct S-shaped pattern) and want to pick a haircut that brings out your natural waves and encourages the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, have a look at these options

Medium-Length Waves

Grow your hair to a medium length to show off your natural waves. To define your waves while adding volume, use a curl-enhancing product.

Beach Waves with layers

Choose a layered haircut to bring out the waves’ natural movement. This look gives off a laid-back, beachy vibe that looks thicker and more textured.

Side-Parted Pompadour

Use a side-parted pompadour to style your waves. Your hair will appear bigger because of the height and dimension this gives. For this style, use a product with high holding power.

Textured Quiff

Style your waves upward and forward to get a textured quiff. Your hair gains volume and personality with this style.

Traditional Taper Fade

If you prefer shorter hairstyles, a traditional taper fade enhances your waves while keeping your appearance neat and professional.

Messy Waves

Go for an unkempt appearance. To create waves that look thicker and more alive, run your fingers through them.

Curly Undercut

Add an undercut to your 2b waves for a stunning contrast that emphasizes your waves on top while keeping the sides and back short.

To keep the 2b hair in good condition

– Use hair products that are hydrating and devoid of sulfates on your wavy hair.
– Don’t over-wash your hair since it will lose its natural oils and volume.
– To improve your waves while blow-drying, think about using a diffuser.
– Trim your ends frequently to avoid split ends and to keep them looking healthy.

A Must Read

Consult a hairdresser who is familiar with wavy hair for tailored guidance and suggestions based on the special qualities of your hair and your own fashion choices.