Type 2a Hair

Loose, beachy waves are the defining feature of type 2a hair. It has a light, natural wave pattern and is not too curled.

Perfect Hairstyles for type 2a Hair

If you’re a male with 2a hair (usually straight with a tiny wave) and want to pick a haircut that flatters your hair type while encouraging the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, have a look at these options

Classic Side Part

With hair type 2A, a basic side part looks great. It may provide the impression of additional volume and is tasteful and classic.

Tousled Slick Back

Use a tousled slick back hairstyle for your 2A hair. Your hair will seem thicker because of the added structure and movement from this.

Short & Textured

Consider getting a short haircut with textured layers. Your hair seems thicker and has more depth with this style. When styling for a natural appearance, use a matte product.

Medium-Length Waves

Grow your hair to a medium length and apply a mild curl-enhancing product to accentuate the subtle wave in your hair.


If you style a traditional pompadour with height on top and 2a hair, it can provide the appearance of volume.

Comb Over with Texture

Opt for a textured comb-over rather of the standard one. It makes your hair look thicker and is simple to style.

Long and Straight

If you like longer hair, make the most of your 2a hair’s straightness by letting it grow long and wearing less makeup for a more unprocessed appearance.

2a hair’s wellbeing should be preserved by

– Utilize a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
– A heat protectant should be used when using heat to style hair; avoid using it excessively.
– Washing and conditioning your hair on a regular basis can keep it healthy and hydrated.
– To avoid split ends and have a tidy appearance, clip your hair frequently.

A Must Read

Keep in mind that while the perfect styling and haircut can improve the appearance of 2a hair, regular maintenance is crucial for overall hair health and thickness. You may obtain the ideal style for your particular requirements and tastes by seeking the advice of a hairdresser.