Type 1c Hair

Type 1c hair is characterized by its naturally straight texture, exhibiting a robust and coarse structure. This type of hair tends to be less susceptible to heat damage, making it resilient when subjected to styling tools. Additionally, it tends to resist holding curls, preferring to maintain its straight form.

Perfect Hairstyles for type 1c Hair

Here are some hairstyles and advice to keep hair healthy for guys with 1c hair, which is straight but thicker and coarser than 1a or 1b.

Short Textured Crop

A short, textured crop may offer dimension and style while balancing the thickness of 1C hair.


A pompadour with shorter sides and a smooth, swept-back top can look stylish with 1C hair. For a fresh look, choose a product with a matte finish.

Slicked-Back Undercut

This hairstyle is appropriate for hair that is 1c in thickness and blends the neat appearance of an undercut with the restrained aspect of slicked-back hair.

Natural Flow

Embrace your hair’s natural flow by letting it grow longer and shaping it to keep a polished yet relaxed appearance.

Tapered Cut

Longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides and back of a tapered haircut can produce a balanced and fashionable image.

Recall the following to keep your 1c hair healthy:

– To reduce potential damage, use low heat and always use a heat protectant when using heat styling equipment.
– Use moisturizing hair treatments, such as leave-in conditioners or hair oils, to add moisture and control to your thicker hair.
– Frequent trims (every 4-6 weeks) aid in controlling thickness and encourage sound expansion.
– Choose hydrating, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to prevent dryness and preserve the natural oils in your hair.
– Keep your scalp healthy with a moisturizing shampoo, and for better blood flow, think about giving yourself an occasional scalp massage.
– A balanced lifestyle includes eating a well-balanced food, getting frequent exercise, and drinking enough water.

A Must Read

As with any hair type, it’s important to get expert advice from a hairdresser who can evaluate your hair’s particular demands and suggest a style that matches both your hair type and personal style. Maintaining the health and finest appearance of your 1c hair also requires a constant hair care regimen.