Top Knot

The top-knot is a distinctive and versatile hairstyle that has grown in popularity recently. It is defined by long hair that is gathered and made into a bun or knot at the crown of the head. It offers a blend of comfort and style, often associated with a relaxed and bohemian look while remaining suitable for formal occasions when executed with care.

Top Knot Hairstyle Variation

The biggest advantage of a top-knot hairstyle

Elegance & Comfort with Versatility

The primary advantages of the top-knot are its adaptable elegance and comfort. It provides a useful yet elegant solution for people with longer hair, allowing them to keep their long hair neat and out of their faces while still looking stylish and carefree.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The top-knot enhances oval faces by keeping proportional equilibrium and letting the facial characteristics stand out unhindered.


When the knot is positioned higher on the head, this style can lend vertical lines to round faces, giving them a more extended and structural appearance.


Top-knots provide an attractive yet relaxed style and help to soften square faces by adding a contrasting round shape.


The vertical placement of the top-knot can assist shorten the appearance of excessive length on long faces, giving them a more proportional and at ease look.


Top-knots create a visually pleasing and relaxed impression by adding volume and a focal point to break up the length on faces with a rectangle or oblong shape.


The top-knot’s harmony of volume and vertical lines complements diamond faces by emphasizing the distinctive facial characteristics and bringing in a touch of modern appeal.


Top-knot hairstyles can balance triangle faces by adding volume on top while reducing breadth at the forehead, resulting in a harmonious and fashionable appearance.

What are the causes of its declining popularity throughout time?

The popularity of the top-knot has been driven by its ties to fashion and individual taste. Although it is still a fashionable and useful choice for many, other people might choose shorter hairstyles or various updos due to changing fashion trends or a desire to modify their appearance.