Thick Hair

A thicker strand diameter and a higher density of hair follicles are characteristics of hair that is thick. Given its weight and richness, it frequently seems voluminous and can be difficult to style.

Perfect Hairstyles for Thick Hair Type

Consider these hairstyles and techniques if you have thick hair and want to keep it healthy:

Short & Textured:

A short, textured haircut may give style and dimension while helping to control the volume of thick hair.

Crew Cut:

A traditional option for thick hair, the crew cut keeps it tidy and simple to manage.


A pompadour style looks well on thick hair because it shows off its volume and structure.


An undercut with shorter sides and back may balance your hair’s thickness and give you a fashionable appearance.

Long and Natural:

If you like longer hair, let it grow and accept its inherent thickness. To manage frizz and keep a polished appearance, use style products.

Side Swept:

To get a side-swept hairstyle, grow the top of your hair a little bit longer and sweep it to the side. It’s a fashionable and practical solution for thick hair.

To keep thick hair healthy

Keep your hair moisturized, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
To avoid breakage when combing or brushing, think about using a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush.
Avoid using excessive heat for style, but if you must, use a lower heat setting and apply heat-protectant products on your hair.
To avoid split ends and retain form, get frequent trims.
Maintain a healthy diet that includes nutrients that are good for your hair.

A Must Read

The thickness and curliness of thick hair can vary, so it’s important to select a hairstyle and maintenance routine that work for your particular type of thick hair. A competent hairdresser may provide advice that are unique to you.