Textured Crop

A modern and fashionable men’s haircut known as the “textured crop” is distinguished by its short sides and back and textured, somewhat longer top. This look combines adaptability and modern flair with a relaxed yet elegant appearance.

Textured Crop Hairstyle Variation

The main advantage of textured crop hairstyles

Uncomplicated Versatility and Modern Design

The main advantages of the textured crop haircut are its easy adaptability and modern appearance. Short sides and a textured top give it a casual and versatile aesthetic that works in a variety of situations, making it a popular option for anyone looking for a contemporary and simple-to-maintain appearance.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


With its tidy and controlled look, the textured crop enhances oval faces’ inherent symmetry while keeping balanced proportions.


By incorporating vertical lines and a textured top, this design may give round faces definition and provide the illusion of length.


Textured crops highlight square faces by keeping the sides clean and exuding a carefree and self-assured attitude.


The textured top of this design may lend width and volume to long faces, giving them a more youthful and proportionate appearance.


Textured crops create visual contrast for faces with rectangle or oblong features by adding a textured, somewhat longer top, creating a harmonious and contemporary impression.

Diamond Face

The textured crop is a good hairstyle for men with diamond facial shapes because they have larger cheekbones and thinner foreheads and chins. The textured top and shorter sides of this design produce balance and tenderness.

Triangle Face

For men with a triangular facial shape, which is defined by larger jawlines and smaller foreheads, the textured crop is a great hairstyle option. A textured top adds volume for balance, while short sides reduce jaw breadth. To keep everything looking proportionate, avoid using too much volume.

Causes of Popularity Loss over Time

Due to its restricted styling possibilities, shifting fashion trends, preferences for longer hair, seasonal concerns, and the variety of individual hairstyle preferences, the Men’s Textured Crop has lost popularity over time.