The Quiff is a timeless and sophisticated hairstyle where the hair on top is swept upward and back. This style offers volume and height, adding a sense of dynamism and confidence. It can be adapted for both formal and casual occasions, making it a versatile choice for men who want a polished yet modern look.

Quiff Hairstyle Variation

Biggest benefit of Quiff Haircut

Fusion of Height and grace

The quiff hairstyle’s most notable benefit is its capacity to simultaneously add height and grace. It draws attention upward with its full top and exudes sophistication and self-assurance.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The quiff enhances facial proportions and adds more height to oval faces, which it complements.


By adding vertical volume and counteracting the roundness, a quiff lengthens round faces, giving them a longer appearance.


Quiffs balance the angular elements and softer lines of square faces by providing curvature and height.


Quiff haircuts provide height and width to the top, elongating long faces and giving them a more proportionate appearance.


Quiffs add height to oblong or rectangle faces, which helps to balance them out and make them appear more attractive.


The volume of the Quiff on top balances and enhances diamond faces by adding fullness where it is required.


Quiffs create a unified and attractive appearance for triangle faces by increasing volume at the top and decreasing breadth at the bottom.