The modern pompadour is a fusion of classic and contemporary styles. It features voluminous hair on top that’s slicked back and styled upward. This attention-grabbing hairstyle demands attention and exudes a sense of charisma. The shorter sides provide a clean contrast to the voluminous top.

Pompadour Hairstyle Variation

Biggest benefit of Pompadour Hairstyle

Strong Volume and Classic Charm

The main benefit of the pompadour hairdo is found in its dramatic volume and classic appeal. It has an elevated top that gives it a remarkable and self-assured aspect that has lasted for centuries.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


Pompadours enhance the volume of oval faces’ tops, giving them a hint of drama and dimension.


A pompadour gives a more stretched look to round features by adding height and vertical lines.


Pompadours create a harmonious balance of angular and softer characteristics by adding curves and height to square faces.


Pompadours balance off a long face’s excessive length by providing volume and fullness at the crown.


Pompadours add perceived width to faces that are rectangular or oblong, countering their length and giving them a more proportionate appearance.


The elevated form of the pompadour balances larger cheekbones and adds volume where it is required to flatter diamond shapes.


Pompadours enhance the fullness and height of triangle faces, giving them a more symmetrical and well-balanced appearance.