Mop Top

The Beatles served as the inspiration for the 1960s mop top, which had longer hair that covered the forehead and ears. Although it is iconic, it is less frequent in today’s society.

Mop Top Hairstyle Variation

The main advantage of a mop top is its distinctive vintage aesthetic.

The most noticeable aspect of the mop top hairstyle is its undeniable antique appeal. It delivers a distinctive and striking appearance that distinguishes its user and makes a strong fashion statement.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The mop top adds a touch of nostalgic flair while enhancing the characteristics of oval faces.


It may provide round faces contrast and structure.


A mop top’s flowing hair can reduce angular features on square faces.


The mop top may lend breadth and a unique appearance to lengthy faces.


It could assist balance elongated oblong or rectangular faces, giving them a balanced appearance.


A mop top’s fullness may accentuate features with a diamond shape.


It may balance triangular faces for a unified, retro-inspired appearance by enhancing volume and framing the face.

Reasons for its decline in popularity include

Due to its link with outdated fashions, lack of adaptability, and preference for more modern and flexible grooming styles in today’s fashion scene, the mop top hairstyle for guys has lost its appeal. Many people prefer shorter, easier-to-manage hairstyles than the lengthier, less common mop top.