Faux Hawk

A modern interpretation of the mohawk, the faux hawk is distinguished by shorter sides and a noticeable strip of longer hair running down the middle of the head. It embodies an edgy and brazen look that rose to prominence in the early 2000s and offers a special harmony between rebelliousness and adaptability.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle Variation

Biggest benefit of a faux hawk hairstyle

Modern Design and Edgy Versatility

The primary advantages of the faux hawk are its edgy adaptability and modern design. It is perfect for people looking for a fashionable yet versatile style because of its shorter sides and distinctive middle strip, which give a dynamic and expressive appearance that can be adjusted for both informal and formal situations.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The faux hawk enhances facial symmetry and adds dimension to oval features by standing out with its middle stripe.


By incorporating vertical lines and height, this style may give round faces definition, giving them a more extended and structured look.


Faux hawks achieve a balance between angular features and edgy flair by adding curve around the center strip, softening square faces.


The height and middle strip of the faux hawk help balance off the excessive length on long faces, giving them a more proportionate and youthful appearance.


For faces that are rectangular or oblong, faux hawks provide visual appeal by dividing the length with their dynamic style, producing a captivating and fashionable impression.


The faux hawk’s striking middle strip enhances diamond faces by highlighting the key facial features and bringing in a touch of modern appeal.


Faux hawk hairstyles provide harmony and edginess on triangle faces by adding volume on top while reducing breadth at the forehead.

Reasons behind its decline in popularity throughout time?

Due to its relationship with early 2000s trends and a perception of being less formal or professional, the faux hawk’s popularity has varied. While some people might prefer more classic or adaptable haircuts as fashion trends change, others could prefer the edgy, expressive nature of the faux hawk.