Curtains Hairstyle

The curtains hairstyle has a very ’90s appeal with to its unique center part and long, gently layered strands that surround the face. This hairstyle has becoming more popular among those who want to seem retro and grunge-inspired, but it may not be for everyone as it requires a strong sense of nostalgia or a daring sense of style to pull off.

Curtains Hairstyle Variation

Biggest Benefit of Curtains Hairstyle

Retro, nostalgic vibes

The curtains hairstyle’s greatest advantage is its capacity to arouse nostalgia for the 1990s. It provides a distinctive and classic design that enables users to demonstrate their love of retro fashion while yet preserving a hint of modern chic.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


Curtains work well with oval faces because they frame their harmonious proportions and accentuate their symmetry.


By adding vertical lines and a center part, this style may provide definition to round faces, giving them a more extended and structured look.


By adding flowing layers and a central part, curtains soften square faces, balancing their powerful features with a softer, grunge-inspired appeal.


The framing layers and center part of the curtains hairstyle may lend breadth to long faces, giving them a more proportional and laid-back appearance.


Curtains with flowing layers and a central portion break up the length on faces with rectangular or oblong features, creating a visually appealing and well-balanced appearance.


The gentle framing layers of the curtains hairstyle enhance cheekbones and highlight the distinctive, alluring characteristics of diamond faces.


Curtains give triangular faces a harmonious and nostalgic appearance by balancing them by adding soft framing and a central section.

Reasons why it has become less popular over time?

Because of its close ties to the 1990s, lack of adaptability, and impression as being outmoded, the curtains hairstyle has lost some of its appeal. Many people are looking for more versatile, modern haircuts that provide a larger variety of styling alternatives as fashion trends change.