A side part and silky hair comb-under provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It emanates a classic appeal and is regarded as a classic option for individuals who value a polished and elegant appearance.

Comb-Under Hairstyle Variation

The main advantages of a comb-under hairstyle

Eternal refinement and adjustability

The main advantages of the comb-under hairstyle are its ageless sophistication and adaptability. It offers a polished and versatile design suited for a variety of settings, from formal events to everyday use, with its tidy and organized appearance.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


The comb-under enhances oval faces’ harmonious proportions and lets their inherent symmetry show through.


By adding vertical lines and using a side part and smooth combing, this style may give round faces an appearance that is more extended and structured.


Comb-unders soften square faces by adding height and curves, balancing their powerful characteristics with a delicate grace.


The neat appearance of the comb-under may help shorten the look of excessive length on long faces, giving them a more proportionate and beautiful appearance.


Comb-unders provide visual appeal to rectangular or oblong faces by dividing the length with their side part and smooth combing, producing a chic and well-balanced impression.


The regulated style of the comb-under enhances diamond faces’ cheekbones and draws focus to the main facial features with a dash of vintage charm.


Comb-unders provide harmony and refinement in triangle faces by adding volume and texture to the top while reducing width at the bottom.

The causes behind its decline in popularity throughout time?

Due to its enduring beauty, the comb-under hairstyle has maintained a largely steady level of appeal. The comb-under continues to be appreciated by those who value its timeless and refined appeal, making it a classic choice. However, other people may choose more modern or daring designs.