Underrated Hairstyles

a man with a bowl cut and a fine beard

Bowl Cut

With straight, uniformly cut hair and a rounded fringe along the forehead, the bowl-cut has a distinctive, retro appearance. Although it's a daring look that has become more p...

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man with a curtains hairstyle waved towards one side of the face

Curtains Hairstyle

The curtains hairstyle has a very '90s appeal with to its unique center part and long, gently layered strands that surround the face. This hairstyle has becoming more popular ...

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a handsome man in suit with mullet haircut and combed-over frontal hair with longer sideburns making an attractive appearance


The iconic mullet haircut, with its short front and sides and long back, embodies the rebellious attitude of the '80s and early '90s. Although it has occasionally made a comeb...

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a man with a caesar cut with short textured hair

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut has a traditional and timeless look thanks to its short, horizontally layered top and narrowly cropped sides. Even though it has remained popular throughout the...

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a perfect man face look from side wearing a fauxhawk hairstyle on his blonde hair with faded sides and well trimmed beard

Faux Hawk

A modern interpretation of the mohawk, the faux hawk is distinguished by shorter sides and a noticeable strip of longer hair running down the middle of the head. It embodies a...

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a man in top knot hairstyle with medium length faded sides and well groomed and shaped beard

Top Knot

The top-knot is a distinctive and versatile hairstyle that has grown in popularity recently. It is defined by long hair that is gathered and made into a bun or knot at the cro...

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a stylish man posing with a comb-under haircut with a pompadour style combed over hair at top and faded undercut sides


A side part and silky hair comb-under provide a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It emanates a classic appeal and is regarded as a classic option for individuals who value ...

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a smiling man with jheri-curl haircut wearing an apron

Jheri Curl

The Jheri curl, a popular African American hairstyle in the 1980s, was known for its distinctive, glossy, and tightly curled appearance. This style involved a two-step process...

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a bkack man with flat-top haircut with faded sides and grown black beard

Flat Top

A unique and structured haircut called a flat top is named for the top of the head's flat, horizontal look. It rose to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s and is renowned for ha...

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a confident smiling man with blonde hair wearing the peaked haircut

Peaked Cut

A sharp, angular fringe that points upwards or forward characterizes the peaked cut, a fashionable and modern men's haircut. This cut gives conventional haircuts an edgy twist...

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a man with a pompadour hair at top and under cut sides

Undercut Pompadour

The undercut pompadour is a traditional and daring men's hairstyle that blends a voluminous top with a short, shaved undercut on the sides and back. Recent years have seen a r...

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a man with textured crop hairdo with top blonde fringes and faded sides

Textured Crop

A modern and fashionable men's haircut known as the "textured crop" is distinguished by its short sides and back and textured, somewhat longer top. This look combines adaptabi...

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a mature gentleman in suit and tie wearing the mohican hairstyle with faded sides and groomed beard


The Mohican hairstyle for men, often known as a "Mohawk," is a unique cut that has sharply trimmed or shaved sides with a longer hairline running down the middle of the head. ...

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a very mature looking black guy posing with a stylish dreadlocks hair tied up at the back-top leaving a long hanging down towards one side


Men dreadlocks are lengthy, rope-like hairstyles that are created by braiding or matting. This fashion has received praise for its unusual look and cultural importance.

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a man with a buzz cut and a design on the side that is massively faded as well

Buzz Cut with Design

A fashionable and edgy take on the traditional buzz cut, the Men's Buzz Cut with Design has neatly chopped hair on the sides and back of the head, while the top is left a litt...

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