Bald with a Ponytail

This appearance requires totally shaving the head bald and leaving a lengthy ponytail at the rear. Despite being uncommon today, it was common in the 1990s.

Bald with a Ponytail Hairstyle Variation

The greatest advantage of a ponytail hairstyle is the ultimate contrast

There is an unmistakable contrast created by the long ponytail and bald head. The wearer of this outfit will stick out in a crowd thanks to its daring fashion statement.

Face Shape Suitability

Face Shapes


A ponytail and a bald head may accentuate the characteristics of an oval face and offer a dash of distinctive individuality.


It may provide a strong contrast with round faces, giving them a brazen and outlandish aspect.


A shaved head and a ponytail may give square faces a striking and distinctive appearance.


This haircut may break up the length on long faces and give emphasis to the ponytail, giving the face a unique look.


It lends a special touch to elongated rectangular or oblong faces and distinguishes the wearer with its outlandish fashion.


The contrast between the ponytail and the shaved head may highlight diamond-shaped features, making a lasting focus point.


The long ponytail may balance triangle features and give them a bold, independent image by emphasizing it.

Reasons why it is now the least popular hairstyle

Men’s bald with a ponytail haircuts are less popular because of their very distinctive and daring styles. The shaved head and long ponytail can be hard to manage, and many people prefer more conventional haircuts. Furthermore, cultural conventions frequently encourage more conventional grooming choices.